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2009-11-14 02:05 pm

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Just watched Star Trek: Voyager, episode 2x22.

For those others who have seen this episode: That is some Benjamin Buttons shit.
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2009-06-11 01:37 pm

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[Trigger Warning]

After a long morning of reading about misogyny and rape, I take a break to read junk only to stumble across this:

There aren't words to describe how shitty this is. Of course, what about victims who wear skirts? They were probably asking for it. Victims who wear conservative and covering clothes? They leave too much to the imagination. My head asplode.

ETA: Just saw the date of the article, 1999. Hopefully someone sane in the last decade overturned that.
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2009-06-09 02:19 am

Hard Numbers

Courtesy of The Star, there are some rather disturbing numbers I'm just seeing.

The term "missing women" was coined in 1990, when Indian economist Amartya Sen calculated a shocking figure. In parts of Asia and Africa, he wrote in The New York Review of Books, 100 million women who should be alive are not, because of unequal access to medical care, food and social services. These are excess deaths: women "missing" above and beyond natural mortality rates, compared to their male counterparts.
From her office at the University of British Columbia, economics professor Siwan Anderson has been crunching numbers to try and understand why so many women are dying. "If you're interested in gender discrimination, it's really one of the starkest measures of discrimination, because it's women who should be alive, but aren't," she says.

So the communities that I scan outside of my regular anti-oppression regiment are generally rife with misogyny and MRAs. It always amazes me how they (try to) walk dagger thin lines between the various logical holes in their movement.

100,000,000 women is mighty big hole.
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2008-10-09 09:55 pm
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Diablo 3

Well, this is a good a place as any to lament the total failure that was my attempt to get a little Women Power in Diablo 3. Or at least some attention paid to the issue.

I started a thread in the Diablo 3 forums titled "Women Game Too". It mostly asked that Blizzard honor it's claim that the characters be all "brimming with power" by not making the women wear miniskirts or have malnourished bodies or have impractical bosoms. And also, make a couple of the male characters legitimately sexy.

It got spammed out in about 90 seconds, but then a moderator revived it. From here on out it went about 90% criticism and 10% support. Of course most of the criticism was asinine, ignorant, or of the form "Look where you are. Do you really think we care?" So I'm not linking the thread. If it's still alive, it can be searched out with relative ease.

I got a bunch of flak for small errors in logic, or wording. I was expecting most of the flak, but I was surprised how people held the quality of my writing up to a higher standard when people tried responding intelligently.

Oh well. After a very short time, the topic got derailed and now it's about 400 posts of things like 'Runescape did too have great graphics!' I can think of worse things for the topic to veer to.